Aug 30

How a Cheap Domain Hosting Company Changed Things for Mom

My mom is a great writer, but she had no aspiration at the moment to get into print. However, she did long for an outlet to be creative with her writing. I suggested a blog. She knew what they were, and she started looking into making one. She wanted to just sign up for one of those blog sites. I told her she should take it seriously and brand her blog with an official domain name of her own. She was worried about costs, so I told her how to buy affordable web hosting at $1.99 per month. She told me that she could definitely afford that.

I helped her with all of the setup for her blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 25

Best Deals on Chiropractor Treatment

I wish I did not need it, but I guess I am going to have to go see a chiropractor. I hurt my back a couple of months ago, and it has yet to get better. I thought it was showing some signs of improvement, but then it got worse. I am checking out listings to find a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA and I would prefer to find one that is on my side of town. I have never been to see a chiropractor before, so this is going to be a new experience for me. I kind of tend to avoid new experiences, but I guess that this isn’t something I can avoid, and it is something that I also shouldn’t avoid. Read the rest of this entry »

May 23

Reason For Popularity Of Hair Drug Testing- Most Trusted Method popularity of drug testing is gaining more popular all over the world, in numerous ways. In fact hair drug testing is very effective in results when compared to other methods. Hair drug testing is commonly used method to determine the presence or absence of any specified drugs. It’s considered to be very accurate because it indicates the use of drug as far as back nearly 90 days. This is highly possible with hair drug test, because the bloodstream feeds hair growth, analyzing sample of hair reveals the unknown secrets of drug abuse. The hair drug testing is used to determine various uses of drugs of any individual such as amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine, and opiates.

Testing procedure with sample hair

Using sample of hair, to hair drug test analysis is simple and easily evaluates the amount of drug metabolites entrenched inside the hair shaft everything can be determined with hair drug testing procedure. If you like to know the secrets behind hair drug test and want to pass hair drug test, then Visit here to know more information and techniques to pass drug test in various instances. Online is great source of information provider do little search about it and find best way to pass hair drug test.

Hair drug test is very effective when compared with other drug test like urine drug test, blood drug test and few others. The hair drug test is very modern and convenient method and easy to find a person whether takes in drugs or not. Even this is very effective to find whether drug is taken with any other food substances, like medicine, food or drinks. As we all know that drug mixes with our blood and it circulates in all part of our body including head. Use of these chemicals can be trapped by checking the hair follicle, thus as hair grows still these drug contents are stored in the follicle of hair.

Jun 28

Homemade Remedies For Whiter Teeth The Natural Way

gkhkIf you want to whiten your teeth but do not know how to go about it, you have found the right article. This article contains many tips to help you answer all of the questions you have about whitening your teeth. It also gives you a step by step guide on how to get excellent results.

Fresh lemons can naturally whiten your teeth. Take a lemon peel and rub the inside on your teeth every day. Lemon peels are great to use because they are not only quick and easy, but they are relatively cheap. Lemon peels can really whiten your smile, without you having to worry about harsh and possibly harmful chemicals that some teeth whitening methods contain.

Most dentists offer laser tooth whitening in their offices. This procedure is probably the quickest solution when you want your teeth whitened and brightened. The dentist applies bleaching agent to your teeth and then activates it with a shot from a laser. Your teeth end up 5-6 times whiter than they were.

Before you attempt to whiten your teeth you should contact your dentist if you have any cavities or gum disease that needs to be treated. Use caution when going through the whitening process. Your dentist can help you find the strategy that is the most effective and safe for you to use.

There is little difference between teeth whitening toothpaste and regular toothpaste. If a teeth whitening product makes no discernible difference when you use it, you might as well save your money. You will just be wasting your money.

Your dentist is a good source of information about which home teeth whitening products do their job with the least side effects. Your dentist will be able to tell you which products will be most effective for you.

Mix baking soda with peroxide for an easy to make at home teeth whitening toothpaste. Try brushing your teeth with the solution for between 5-10 minutes. Be sure not to brush your teeth too hard because it can irritate your gums.

Sip through a straw to avoid staining your teeth with liquids you drink. This is because the straw reduces the contact between your teeth and the drink. The liquid bypasses your teeth and goes straight down your throat.

Having a brighter, whiter smile can really make you happier. A gorgeous smile will help you to become more confident in social settings, as you will surely feel more attractive. You may also notice you live a more enjoyable and active lifestyle. The tips addressed in this article can help you achieve optimal results that are quick and inexpensive.

Jun 28

The Cosmetic Dentist Is Best Way to Fix the Dental Problem

smileNow a days the cosmetic dentistry is most popular profession and treatment that is consider by everyone. As we all know that everyone of us wants to look attractive and especially the face value is very important as people make a perception about the people from seeing the faces of people only. Every one want to looks beautiful whenever they smile and this can only be happen when the teeth are in a good shape and well condition but what if these teeth are not that good and proper in look then the smile can also not help us with anything or lighten up our face. Therefore many of us feel embraced while smiling and stop you from smiling in front of the others. Therefore if we want that our teeth remain in good condition always then the proper dental care is very much important and one can also contact cosmetic dentist Sydney.
The Dental treatment is not only that it we have to use the braces or remove the cavities and do the cleanings, but now a days this dental work also includes the beauty procedures. However choosing a cosmetic dentist can be quite difficult much time. The Cosmetic dentist Sydney is not like the usual dentistry as it requires an aesthetic sense and an artistic touch. Almost all the types of dental problem can be solved with the help of quality dentist but still we will need the help of the cosmetic dentist. However there are many things that are to be considered while choosing the dentist such as one should always check the Accreditation or Certification which will prove that he has good knowledge and skills. Then the experience is the factor that is to be considered because an experience can always help us in shaping our smile with the optimal results.
To know more about the experience one can go through their official webpage or browse about the history of the person where one can get to see that how effective and perfect treatment have he provided to the earlier patients and were there any negative feedback about him or not. The next thing is the availability and for that one needs to take prior appointment so that one can go at the time when the dentist can give him proper attention. The dentist should be a professional and look sincere toward his work, he should be dedicated enough that one can observe that thing by seeing it once. One can get more knowledge about the cosmetic dentistry by the help of the internet easily and then can decide that whether they want to have this treatment or not.

Jun 28

Get the Treatment of Problems Related to Gums From Periodontist

Are you facing some problem related to gums and the surrounding supporting structure of teeth and implants? Then it is recommendable to consult a Periodontist in Coral Springs. A periodontist is a dentist who has done the specialization in the diagnosis, prevention, and in the placement of dental implants and treatment of periodontal disease. They are also specialized in offering the treatment of oral inflammation.

Periodontists get the all-embracing training in related areas. They are well-known and have a good hand on the newest techniques to treat periodontal disease and diagnosing. They are also trained in performing the cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Tamarac Periodontist usually treats more tricky periodontal cases, like problems with a complex medical history or severe gum disease.

If you are the patient with severe gum problems, periodontist can treat this problem with the help of surgical procedures. Additionally, they have got the special training in the repair and placement of dental implants. They offer a wide range of treatments, like: scaling and root planing, in this they clean the infected surface and root surface debridement in which they remove the damaged tissue.

They offer a wide range of treatments, like: scaling and root planing, in this they clean the infected surface and root surface debridement in which they remove the damaged tissue.

While you visit the periodontist, he checks the complete medical and dental histories. As, this process is the essential part so that periodontist may continue with the best and proper treatment. The Periodontist Tamarac checks the teeth to see if any are loose and observes the gums and checks that if there is any gum line recession.

The periodontist will give the proper treatment for Dental Implants Coral Springs. During the procedure of a dental implant, an artificial tooth root is placed into the jaw, where it is binded with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. After the healing period is completed then, an artificial tooth is attached to the implant post.

During the procedure of a dental implant, an artificial tooth root is placed into the jaw, where it is binded with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. After the healing period is completed then, an artificial tooth is attached to the implant post.

So what are you waiting for? If you are facing some related problem which can be cured by the periodontist then do not search here and there. Just Google up and find the best Periodontist which can give the best treatment.

Sep 28

Is It Okay to Sleep on the Couch?

rwMany a time, people drift off to sleep on the couch while watching TV or reading a book. Using the couch for sleeping seems to be a space-saving and inexpensive option, and soon, it becomes more of a habit. Some people get so habituated that they never sleep in their bedrooms at all. They are not even able to get proper sleep there, since they believe they have more of a comfort level on the couch. But this is only a myth. The fact is, making the couch your permanent sleeping place is a bad option. In the debate of sleeping on the couch vs. sleeping on the bed, the latter is likely to win hands-down.
Couch Material
Couch Material
Couches are meant for sitting and mattresses are meant for sleeping. A couch is usually made of a material like heavy polyurethane foam with support mechanisms. It is designed keeping in mind that heavy weights will be forced on a single spot for a longer while; it is made to resist those weights and the impressions they leave behind. Thus, sleeping on the couch provides less support and alignment when the weight is lying across a larger area.
Unhygienic Couch
Unhygienic Couch
The couch is where everybody sits and rests, most of the time, right after they enter the house. Kids and pets may sit on it, squash the material, and dirty the couch. Imagine having to sleep where your kid stomped around with dusty feet? You don’t want to subject yourself to that, do you?
Back Pain
Back Pain
This is considered as one of the bad health effects of sleeping on a couch. Though there is no conclusive proof that it is the sole cause of back pain, it definitely acts as a trigger. Couches are normally smaller, so you may be in a cramped-up position that would be uncomfortable for the back. This is because of a number of reasons – incorrect posture, extra soft/hard material, surface heat level, etc.
Electronic Overuse
Electronic Overuse
Most couches are placed in the living room, and there is a lot of electronic disturbance all over. You have the TV, cell phones, tablet, laptop, etc. For most people, sleeping on the couch is an extension of chatting on the phone, watching TV, or working on the laptop. Health-wise, it is hellish for the individual.
Sleeping Postures
Sleeping Postures
One’s sleeping position is very important, irrespective of a couch or bed. A bed is made to conform to our curves, while a couch is not. The couch material forces us to change sleeping positions often, makes us lie in a cramped space, and leads to incorrect spine alignment. Disturbed sleep patterns do not allow us to reach the period of restorative sleep, affecting our overall health.
What if I Can Only Get a Good Sleep While on The Couch?
Many people are accustomed to sleeping on the couch due to a variety of reasons. While the habit can be done away with regular practice, for most it is pure discomfort. Therefore, to get a good night’s sleep on your bed, try natural sleep therapies. Invest in a comfortable mattress. You can also consider mild medication to get a good sleep, after consulting your physician of course.
To summarize on a positive note, let’s say that occasional naps on the couch are fine, even a night, perhaps once a while. But making the couch your permanent sleeping area is a strict NO.

Sep 20

Hours of Sleep Needed

Abahaya-tidur-pagi-harifter a long day of physically and mentally taxing work, your body requires rest. Sleep relaxes your body and mind, and prepares you for another day’s work. It is essential to fulfill this need, as otherwise, it will adversely affect your health and efficiency. People who do not sleep enough, are known to be irritable and short-tempered. But, that does not mean that oversleeping, or not working, is the answer! There should be a balance between work and rest.

The Sleep Chart

Age Hours
Newborn – 2 months 14 – 18 hours
4 – 12 months 14 – 15 hours
1 – 3 years 12 – 14 hours
3 – 12 years 10 – 12 hours
12 – 18 years 8 – 10 hours
18 years and above 7 – 9 hours
Pregnant women 8 – 12 hours

Power Naps

Power naps are short sleep intervals one takes during the day, when he feels drowsy and drained out. Apart from our daily requirement of eight-hour sleep, our body can be revitalized in the day by power naps. When the energy of your body needs to be charged, caffeine is an unhealthy way, while naps are an effective and healthy way of restoring its energy. Power naps help in relaxing the mind and relieving you of stress. It improves alertness instantly. It also increases your capacity to work and takes away drowsiness. Power naps are also good for the heart. They are helpful for both, adults and children. They are usually 15 to 30 minute naps.

Why is Sleep Important?

Our body is continuously working, both physically and mentally, all day long. It requires rest to restore the energy we lose in our daily activities. Our body and mind cannot indulge in any kind of activity, while we are asleep. Our mind is free from thoughts and stress, while our body is free from physical activities. Hence, sleep is the best way to restore this energy.

Completing our 8 hours of sleep during the night, would be helpful to us in many ways.

We would not feel dizzy and drowsy during the day. Proper sleep will keep us active all day. Sleep always makes us feel more active, relaxed, calm and energized.
It plays an important role in the development of the brain, and also sharpens the memory (especially in children).
It helps in fighting cancer and also increases the life span.
Sleep is the best beauty treatment given to us by nature.
As it lowers stress, it helps in controlling blood pressure.

So, what can lack of sleep do to us? To begin with, if you are sleep deprived, it will show on your face in the form of dark circles or droopy eyes. It only gets worse from here.

Lack of sleep will not let you concentrate on anything you are doing, and will make you very inattentive.
As you would be drowsy all day, you are going to feel lazy and inactive.
As these feelings won’t permit your body to perform any work, small things would start to bother you and irritate you.
If you are depressed, lack of sleep will add to your depression. It usually makes kids cranky.
It could also disturb your emotional stability.

The worst case is, if you have to drive and you haven’t got enough sleep the night before. Chances are, you can doze off while driving. This can result in a fatal accident, causing irreversible damage. According to statistics, a lot of accidents take place because of lack of sleep and tiredness. The graph of such accidents are even higher than drunken driving accidents.

Sleep Disorder

If you are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia or hypersomnia, you need to consult a doctor. Insomnia is lack of sleep. In this, a person may not get sleep even if he is dog tired after the day’s work. If there are other reasons to this sleeplessness, try listening to soft relaxing music or eat a little sweet before you go to bed. Also, keep a check on your caffeine intake. Avoid watching scary movies, if fright is the reason you can’t sleep. If you over sleep on weekends, it means you are not getting sufficient sleep during the week.

Hypersomnia is excess sleep. In this, a person will feel very sleepy, even after he has completed his quota of sleep. In this case, power naps are not a solution. In fact, power naps will not help at all, because he might end up sleeping for an extra long period of time. The best way to treat this, is to seek medical advice. But, even otherwise, it is not good to oversleep. It leads to depression and laziness, and causes heart diseases and diabetes. It also leads to obesity, and you can face problems like headaches.

It is very essential to get your daily quota of sleep, otherwise, you will end up with a sleep debt. So, if you have any sleeping problems, you should sort them out quickly, so you have a normal, trouble-free lifestyle!

Sep 17

Are You Sleeping Right? 7 Vital Components for a Good Sleep

aHorses Don’t Lie!
Some animals, like horses, sleep while standing up. Horses lie down only during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. And since they sleep for just around 3 hours a day, the duration of REM sleep is very less.
Sleep is perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of our life. We spend one-third of our life sleeping, yet, most times, we don’t give it the importance it deserves. Remember the last time you woke up naturally, feeling really energized and fresh? You don’t, right? Well then, you need to ask yourself if you are sleeping right. Yeah, we literally cannot function without proper sleep. In fact, we may survive longer without food than sleep.

Various aspects like sleeping position, posture, bed, mattress, place, time, etc., decide how you’ll doze. So, it is important to understand the ingredients of a good sleep. After all, you don’t want to spend one-third of your life the wrong way, right?!
Sleeping Position
Sleeping on the left side
Do you prefer sleeping on your side or just sprawling on your tummy? The position makes a lot of difference when it comes to quality sleep. Of course, every position has its own advantages and disadvantages, with some being better than others.

The healthiest position is sleeping on the left. It prevents heartburn and snoring, leads to good spine alignment, and facilitates better elimination of waste materials. Sleeping on the back is also good, but may lead to some amount of snoring.
When was the last time you changed your mattress? If you don’t remember, then it’s probably time to change it! Ideally, you must replace your mattresses every 7 – 10 years. Of course, the exact duration will depend on the condition of the mattress too. Look out for signs of wear and tear. If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping, just change it without further delay.
A bad mattress can lead to back pain, stiffness, and unsatisfactory sleep. Invest in a premium mattress. It may be a little heavy on your pocket now, but it will be absolutely worth it. Mattresses do deserve more importance, considering the amount of time we spend in bed.

Don’t go for a very hard mattress, as it will make you uncomfortable and may lead to back pain. Very soft mattresses can lead to a bad posture. The key is to find the perfect balance. Try sleeping on the mattress before buying it. Ensure that it has a good quality memory foam, otherwise, it will heat up as the night progresses and make you hot.
Along with the position, posture plays a pivotal role in good sleep. It is important to be comfortable while sleeping. You shouldn’t be too rigid, nor should you be floppy. A bad posture will open the doors to neck or shoulder pain, bad circulation, stiffness, etc. You can use soft pillows between your knees or below your legs to sleep comfortably.
Do you toss and turn continuously in your sleep because it’s hot, or it’s so cold that the blankets are never enough? Well, optimal temperature is very important for sound sleep. Temperature in the range of 60 to 70°F is ideal for most people. You can set the thermostat at different temperatures to determine the most comfortable temperature for yourself. Body temperature goes down when we sleep, so a cool room is more conducive to sleep.
Soothing colors
A quiet, dark room will help you sleep better. Keeping a window open will help in better circulation of air. Ensure that you keep all your gadgets away from the bed. Opt for calming colors, like blue, for the bedroom walls. Bright colors like red can be distracting when trying to sleep.
Fatty food
Dinner should be had at least 3 hours before sleeping; eating late taxes the digestive system. Foods like turkey, eggs, honey, milk, etc., contain tryptophan, which induces sleep. Such foods can be consumed before sleeping. Foods high in fat can disrupt sleep, so avoid them. Also, going to bed with an empty stomach may lead to poor sleep.
The Art of ‘Sleep’
Sleep right
It is possible to improve sleep quality with few simple changes in your schedule. If you feel sleep-deprived most of the time, try going to bed earlier. Keep phones and laptops away from the bed. Take a warm shower or have a glass of warm milk to sleep faster. This will help you let go of anxiety or work tension, and get some much-needed quality shut-eye.

Sep 10

Iodized Salt Vs. Sea Salt

iodised-salt-250x250Apart from being one of the oldest known food additives, salt is also an essential nutrient for the human body. It is very much necessary for the survival of animal life. Salt is present in the tissues and cells of our body and it facilitates contraction of muscles, conduction of nerve impulses, and transportation of nutrients to the cells. Humans have been using salt since time immemorial.

Salt, which is primarily composed of sodium chloride, is available in various forms. It can either be mined from salt mines and rock salt deposits, or produced from sea water through the process of evaporation. Some forms of salt are unrefined, whereas some others are refined and may also contain additives. Nowadays, edible salt is available in different types, like sea salt, kosher salt, table salt, iodized salt, rock salt, Celtic salt, etc. With the growing health concerns about the use of salt, it is normal for a layman to get confused about the ideal choice. This Buzzle article deals with the basic differences between iodized salt and sea salt.

Iodized Salt

As mentioned above, some forms of salt are refined and blended with additives. One such type of salt is iodized salt, which is fortified with the essential trace mineral, iodine. It can be defined as a type of salt that contains various iodine-containing salts like, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, or sodium iodate. This salt was introduced to counter the rising incidences of diseases related to iodine deficiency, the most common among them being thyroid gland problems, especially goiter. Iodine is required by the human body in very small quantities and the use of iodized salt is believed to reduce the incidences of iodine deficiency and other related disorders. Studies show that 150 micrograms is the daily iodine requirement of a human being, and one teaspoon of iodized salt provides around 400 micrograms. Most of the table salt brands contain iodine and these products come with labels that show the iodine content.

Sea Salt

This salt is produced through evaporation of sea water, and is otherwise known as bay salt or solar salt. It contains trace minerals and because of this, it may have a slightly different taste, when compared to other forms of refined salt. Sea salt can be more expensive than table salt and is mainly used for cooking. It is also used as a natural exfoliant in some cosmetic products. Natural sea salt is one of the basic ingredients in many bath salt mixtures. As far as cooking is concerned, sea salt is said to have a less salty flavor, especially, the coarser versions. While 98% of this salt is sodium chloride, the remaining 2% contains various trace minerals, like iron, magnesium, sulfur, and iodine.

Iodized Salt Vs. Sea Salt

Source and Production: While sea salt is produced exclusively from sea water, iodized salt can be made from underground salt deposits or sea water. According to the source, the method of production may also vary.
Processing: Some amount of processing happens during the production of both iodized and sea salt. However, in most cases, the rate of processing in iodized salt is much high as compared to that of sea salt. While sea salt comes in both refined and non refined forms, most of the iodized salt brands are refined.
Trace Minerals: The rate of processing is very high in case of iodized salt, and this results in removal of trace minerals, which are needed by the body in small amounts. On the other hand, sea salt undergoes less processing and so, it retains most of the trace minerals.
Additives: Iodized salt is nothing other than table salt mixed with iodine salts in small amounts. So iodine is an additive in iodized salt. Apart from that, anti-caking agents, like calcium silicate, sodium aluminosilicate, calcium aluminosilicate, etc., are also used widely. Table salt fortified with iron and fluoride salts are also available. Sea salt is mostly free of additives.
Texture and Flavor: Iodized salt is mostly fine-grained in texture, whereas sea salt is coarser. The latter is available as small chunks and is said to have a better taste and feel. The mineral content in sea salt may vary slightly with the locality from which the salt is extracted. This could be the possible reason for the varying flavor and taste of sea salt.

Health Aspects – Which is Better?

Iodine Level: Iodized salt has been introduced as a measure to reduce the incidences of medical conditions associated with iodine deficiency. This step is said to be effective to a great extent. However, use of iodized salt is still a much-debated topic, as it is contended that the humans derive enough iodine from their diet and supplementation is not needed. The level of iodine in sea salt is negligible, and is said to be not enough to cater to the needs of the human body.

Trace Minerals: Presence of trace minerals is claimed to be an advantage of sea salt over other highly processed salt types. These trace minerals are required by the human body in meager amounts, and so, can be easily derived from other food sources. In other words, sea salt is not the only source for these minerals.

Sodium Content: It has been claimed that sea salt is a healthier alternative to iodized salt (or table salt), as it contains less amount of sodium. According to health experts, the level of sodium in both types of salt is almost the same. According to the American Heart Association, sodium intake should not be more than 1,500 milligrams a day, irrespective of the type of salt you use. However, owing to its strong flavor and coarse texture, the quantity of sea salt used can be lesser than iodized salt.

Though salt is very essential for the smooth functioning of the human body, it is also found to be the main culprit behind various medical conditions, like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc. In short, excess intake of salt, in any form, is not advisable. So the main concern should be the salt intake limits and not the type of salt. You may use iodized or sea salt, or a combination of both.

Sep 02

Sodium Chloride Uses

rSodium chloride (NaCl), universally known as common salt or table salt, is used as a food additive by people all over the world. But, did you know that apart from being used in recipes, salt has many other applications? Its uses are found in the manufacturing of paper and pulp, producing detergents and bath products, etc. Being a major source of sodium hydroxide and industrial chlorine, common salt is used in many industries.

What is Sodium Chloride Used for

We are all aware that the most common use of salt is to enhance the taste of food. But, apart from that, it is used for commercial, medicinal as well as household purposes.

➡ Common Uses

Preservative: Since ancient times, salt has been used as a preservative. Although today many other preservatives are available, salt is still widely preferred. It is one of the constituents used in preservation of cheese, dairy products, meat, pickles and sauces.

Melting Ice: Sodium chloride has a property of lowering the melting point of ice. Therefore, it is spread on roads to melt the ice quickly. On the other hand, salt is added to ice cream mixture to lower the temperature of ice. This helps in freezing ice cream quickly.

Cleansing Agent: It has also been used as a cleansing agent since a long time. Stains can be cleaned by rubbing a cloth sprinkled with salt. It is also one of the ingredients of soap, detergent and shampoo.

➡ Industrial Uses

Chlorine: Sodium chloride is widely used for the production of chlorine. The process of electrolysis is carried out wherein electric current is passed through the solution of sodium chloride (brine) to prepare the element chlorine. This element is used extensively for making PVC and pesticides.

Tanning: According to modern methods, salt is extensively used in tanning leather. In the initial process, animal hides are cured with salt so as to remove all the excess moisture and water from it. Salting helps in protecting hides from bacterial growth.

Textile: Salt is used extensively in textile industry, especially for dyeing. It is used as a medium to fix color dyes. It is the agent or the medium that actually helps in transferring dye on cloth. Salt is also one of the raw materials used for making dyes.

Fire Extinguisher: Sodium chloride is used to extinguish class D type of fire that is caused due to burning of metals like aluminum, magnesium potassium, etc. Granules of this compound are spread on the fire which creates a crust and smothers the fire.

➡ Medical Uses

Tablets: Sometimes, there is excessive loss of sodium from our body due to dehydration or excess sweating. In that case, these tablets are prescribed as supplements to recover the lost salts.

IV (intravenous saline): One of the properties of salt is that it rises blood pressure. Therefore, the solution is used to treat people with low blood pressure. IV fluids are specifically used to treat dehydration, severe diarrhea, etc.

Ophthalmic Ointment: In some cases, solution of sodium chloride is used to treat swelling of cornea in the eye. Although it is beneficial to some extent, there are certain side effects associated with it. It is recommended to consult the doctor before going for this remedy.

➡ Other Uses

Salt is extensively used in food industry. Apart from being used as a preservative, it is also used while baking, canning, to enhance color, for fermentation, as a seasoning agent, as a binding agent, etc.
Another use of sodium chloride is its application in softening hard water. Sodium ions in this compound help in getting rid of the hardness ions, and make the water soft.
Sea salt is useful for maintaining healthy blood sugar level.
Saltwater is used for gargling or even as a mouthwash.
Peeling eggs will be easier if eggs are boiled in water containing a pinch of salt.
Warm water with salt is used to clean feet and also relieve tiredness.
Oil spills on table, kitchen countertops, driveways, etc. can be cleaned using salt. Sprinkle salt on the spill, leave for 20-25 minutes; then clean off with a brush.

Sodium Chloride Chemical Profile

Molecular formula ~ NaCl
Melting point ~ 1474 °F (801 °C)
Boiling point ~ 2575 °F (1413 °C)
Crystal structure ~ Cubic

Now, on concluding, here is an interesting fact that you may have, probably, never heard of. We all cannot imagine having food without salt. But, Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation – India) had restricted use of salt in his diet for nearly a decade. According to him, salt is used in food merely to enhance taste and there are no actual health benefits associated with it. Although, today there are divided opinions for the same, Gandhi noted that his saltless diet had actually proved to be healthy. That remains a debatable issue. But, on the other hand, we can aptly say that due to its numerous uses, sodium chloride is no less than a boon to mankind.

Aug 20

Salt Crystals Facts

wWe come across different types of crystals every day, such as sugar, salt, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. A crystal is an organized grouping of atoms or molecules, and each type has different properties and shapes. Sugar crystals are oblong and slanted at the ends, while salt crystals are cubic.

Salt Crystals

When sea water evaporates, salt is obtained. While in water, the sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) are separated by water molecules (H2O). As the water starts evaporating from the solution, the Na and Cl ions begin to bond together as single molecules, and then the molecules bond together, forming crystals. It is worth noting that every molecule builds itself into the same shaped crystal, a cube, each time it forms.

Interesting Salt Crystal Facts

You eat crystals whenever you eat salt.
Greeks used to exchange slaves for salt, therefore the expression “he is not worth his salt.”
In Tibet, tiny cakes of salt were pressed and used as coins.
Roman Legionnaires were paid in salt (salarium, the Latin origin of the word salary).
It was used to preserve Egyptian mummies.
In 1933, Dalai Lama was buried sitting up in a bed of salt.
These crystals are used to manufacture thousands of products.
Salt helps preserve food items.
Each and every cell of your body contains salt. An adult human body contains about 250 grams of salt, which help the body systems to function properly.
In India, a gift of salt is considered as a potent symbol of good luck.
Until relatively recently, salt bars were the standard currency of Ethiopia.
Salt helps remove red wine spills. It is also used to remove stains from a teapot.
It can fix the color of the jeans.
Salt bath is recommended for pain-relief, in case of sprained muscles.
Salt helps clean an iron without scratching.
Stomach acid obtained from salt disinfects your food and aids in digestion.
Your body signals tell you to drink water when the concentration of salt in the blood rises even slightly.
Sodium (salt) is the key factor in the operation of all signals from, to and within the brain.
Sodium is responsible for the smooth and trouble-free movements (contraction and relaxation) of the heart muscles.
You need to eat salt to replace what you lose when you sweat.
Excess salt can affect the heart function. Kidneys help remove this excess quantity from your body.
It plays an important role in maintaining the volume of blood, and indirectly, its pressure.
One of the interesting facts is that in spiritual tradition, people use these crystals to cleanse themselves of negative vibrations.
Salt intake is necessary, as it is the key element in the process of perspiration, which is considered as a vital process that helps to maintain your body temperature.
In Buddhist and western spiritual traditions, salt is believed to repel evil spirits. It is a well-known fact that in old Japanese theaters, salt crystals were sprinkled on to the stage before each performance to prevent evil spirits from casting a spell on the actors.

These were some amazing facts about salt crystals. You must have noticed that you may live without sugar, but living without salt is just impossible. Our ancestors knew about different uses of this amazing crystal. It is being used in China for 5000 years and for about 2700 years in Egypt. It has always been an important trading commodity and many bitter wars were fought over it.

Aug 18

Amazingly Astonishing Himalayan Salt Benefits You Can’t Ignore

qwAs the name suggests, Himalayan salts are obtained from several mines rich in crystalline salt that are located on the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt range in Pakistan that contains mines of Mayo, Khewra, Warcha and Kalabagh, is one of the largest in the world. Some of the mines date back to the Precambrian age. Himalayan salt has been forming for over 250 million years under high tectonic pressure and hence, has formed in an environment that is completely devoid of toxins or pollutants.
It is mainly obtained from the salt mines, that are located in Khewra, Punjab, Pakistan. There are about 220 million tons of rock salt deposits in Khewra. Historical records show that people have been extracting salt from the underground deposits at Khewra since 320 BC. What adds to the purity of the salt is the novel way in which it is extracted, i.e. entirely by hand. Blasting the sites using dynamite is prohibited in these mines and hence, the salt is in the same natural state that it was millions of years ago. Other than the purity, its benefits also accrue from the fact that it contains all the 84 natural minerals that are present in our body.

Since 10-12 years, several European, American and Australian companies have started selling Himalayan salt on a larger scale. This salt is known for color and flavor. Some of the salt crystals are red, pink or off-white while some are transparent. Rock salt is mined in various other countries too, for example, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Hawaii, Peru, Poland, Utah, etc. Salt from these countries is also sold as Himalayan salt or pink salt. The iron oxide present in the salt imparts pink color to the salt.
Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt
▶ It slows down the process of aging. It helps us to lead a healthy life and remain active longer.

▶ It helps in digestion and facilitates better absorption of nutrients by the walls of the intestines.

▶ It improves functions of the respiratory system and cures sinus problems by promoting overall health of the sinus.

▶ It helps prevents cellulite, when compared to table salt.

▶ It helps create healthy libido.
▶ It helps maintain optimum water levels in the body which is very important for proper functioning of the various organs and processes.

▶ Calcium present in it strengthens bones. Other than this, it also helps in reducing the incidence of rheumatism, arthritis and gout.

▶ Each cell requires a specific pH level to be maintained for it to perform its functions. Himalayan salt helps maintain this optimum pH level, especially in the brain cells.
▶ It efficiently contributes to homeostasis in the body. It maintains the amounts of electrolytes and chemicals conducive for us to perform various biological functions.

▶ As compared to normal salt, it is reported that those who consume Himalayan salt are at a lower risk of developing kidney or gallbladder stones as compared to those who use common salt.

▶ It doesn’t create excess load on our body. It’s helpful for those with high blood pressure and it also helps in regulating blood pressure.
Other than these specific benefits, the mineral repository also promotes healthy sleep patterns, reduces muscle cramps, creates a healthy libido, improves health of the vascular system and also maintains optimum blood sugar levels.
Himalayan Salt Lamp
The large number of minerals in Himalayan salt is not the only attribute that makes it so valuable. Its health benefits also include the fact that it adds negative ions to the environment, which helps neutralize the harmful effects of positive ions that are released by the gadgets of modern inventions, like television, refrigerators, computers and air conditioners. Inhaling these ions can have harmful effects on our health.
Himalayan salt lamps make the use of the salt crystals that fill the air with positive ions when they are used. The effect of such lamps is quick as one feels relaxed and free of anxiety within minutes of using such lamps. These lamps can be used anywhere, be it in one’s bedroom or in the office.
Other than the lamps, there are also salt candles that are commonly used during meditation, in massage rooms, natural health centers and also by certain psychiatrists due to the calming effect that they have on human beings. Such candles and lamps are also useful for those who suffer from allergies as they provide us with clean and healthy air to breathe. Those who have used it swear by the various Himalayan pink salt benefits in cooking and therapeutic uses.
Commonly sold table salt does not contain the essential trace minerals that make salt good for us. Highly processed salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% additives like iodine and absorbents. This makes it an unnatural chemical substance that our body cannot dispose of in a natural way. This increases the chances of suffering from disorders like inflammation of tissues, water retention and high blood pressure over time. Although Himalayan salt is healthier than table salt, excessive consumption can also destroy your health. After all it is a salt. Our body requires very little salt for proper functioning of the cells and the bodily systems.

It is difficult to cite any scientific evidence of the many benefits of Himalayan salt, as more studies are required to prove them. I just want you to know that this salt is not a modern discovery. There is evidence to show that Himalayan bath salts were used in medicinal baths and spas since early as 300 B.C. Himalayan salt is known as the “king salt” as it was served to royalty whereas commoners used sea salt or rock salt. In ancient civilization, it was known as “white gold”; while today it is named as the “salt of life”.

Aug 06

What Should Be an Ideal Women’s Diet Plan for Fitness and Healthy Life?

woman-using-juicer-350If your stomach will be happy, your heart and mind will feel automatically active. Yes it is absolutely true that we are what we eat. The food and drinks we intake are solely responsible for our health conditions, that is why it is essential to always eat healthy and nutritional to stay fit and away from diseases. Taking care of health during early young age is crucial as you can face many health problems in older age if you did not pay proper attention to your health. It is more important in this time when people are becoming more prone to health problems due to unsystematic lifestyle and food habits.

Weight loss has become a critical problem among people these days and specially among women. Women feel it against fashion standards if they gain a little extra weight, but little do they realize that there is much more harm to their health because of weight imbalance. Women have always relatively more workload than men and kids as they have to take care of home and office parallely, and look after other family members as well. They are required to take care of them properly to remain the backbone of the house. Women must follow healthy women’s weight loss plan to stay fit and healthy. There are simple rules to maintain balance in your weight; these rules are all to do with women’s diet plan only. To start with, there will be a proper routine for meals and intervals between them. You should not eat heavy at once, rather should take small meals on small durations. This is a key to remain energetic and powerful throughout the day. The graph of size your meals should be in a descending order. You should start your day with a heavy breakfast full of proteins and ions. It should include grains, fruits and salad etc. to make it a balanced first meal of the day. You should never skip a breakfast as it might become the reason of many health issues in future. In evening and night, you must take light meals like salads and fibers to keep your digestive system healthy. There are such small tricks that you can adapt to lead a healthy and sound life. You can seek for guidance regarding your diets from dieticians online also. New Lifestyle Diet is one such portal where you can find health tips and women’s weight loss program online.

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Health & Lifestyle Chronicles

P2Leading a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most fundamental necessity of life. The benefits of a robust lifestyle far outweigh any alternative to it.  Without it, the prospect of enjoying the materialistic world seems to be a far fetched dream. It is very much inconceivable to hope for a healthy and lively  body without working out your way (and torso) to it.  It’s quintessential to engage in physical activities and sports. Moreover, a fit body body cannot be attained without paying proper attention to  diet. Striking the right balance between the two is the key to success.

Due to the globalized nature of our society, people find it extremely easy to have any thing at their disposal without involving any physical effort. This might be a boon for working individuals, who find it hard to juggle between their professional and personal lives, and hardly have time for other pursuits. But the lack of physical activity ultimately takes its toll on their bodies. Anxiety and stress only help to aggravate this situation. Our  unhealthy dietary choices often thwart any efforts, if any, in the right direction.

So, the million dollar question is: what is to be done??? One can begin with by evaluating one’s eating habits and dietary choices. Even merest changes will benefit the body. Ensure that your breakfast is healthy, be it oatmeal or cereal, make it healthier by adding chopped fruits, nuts and dates. Substitute unhealthy snacks with dried fruits and baked soya beans. Replacing your existing cooking oil, with Canola oil or extra virgin olive oil, will work wonder and boost the nutritional intake of your body. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and include plenty of vegetables in your diet. You must also be damn serious about engaging in workout, sports and exercises. An exercise should comprise of following three training programs: resistance or strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility. Besides keeping the body physically fit and intact, an active lifestyle also keep diseases at bay and avert the possibilities of acquiring health problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart diseases. Workouts lead to increased levels of opinoid peptides and endorphins that play an important role in the upliftment of mood and self-esteem. Thus, it can be said that synergy of healthy lifestyle and diet play a vital role to achieve that much desired corps athlétique.

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